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Organic Kyoto Cherry Rose

METZ Collection

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For centuries, the Cherry Blossom (in Japanese, Sakura) has held a spiritual place in the life of Japan. Each year, the delicate pink-white blossoms appear in great pillowy clouds along long thin branches of the Sakura tree. With each sip, the handcrafted ingredients (seasonal, hand-plucked green teas, dried rose blossoms and all-natural flavoring) take the mind on a gentle voyage of discovery, with a flavor we hope you'll dream about for years to come. Peace.

Contains: 25 sachets

Blends: Green Tea, Rose, Natural flavors

How to steep: 85 C/185 F, 3-5 mins

VaniTEA Blends' suggestion: Teapots, teacups and bistro mugs in Teaware. (Sold separately)

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