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Oolong - Ti Kuan Yin, Iron Goddess

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Oolong tea is semi fermented which is one of the reasons it has such a unique character. The semi fermentation gives the tea a little bit more body than a green tea but less body than a black tea and interestingly it gives the flavor a very unique twist.

There are several grades of Ti Kuan Yin (a.k.a Iron Goddess of Mercy). This particular type is the premium grade and it has been written that Ti Kuan Yin is at first bitter, then sweet and finishes with a fragrance, which lingers on your palate. We find this particular grade is sweet with a fragrant finish and has no bitter notes.

Blends: Oolong tea

How to steep: 1 Heaping teaspoon of  Ti Kuan Yin, 8-10 oz Water, 85 C/185 F, 3-5 mins

VaniTEA Blends' suggestions: Mesh Balls, TeaBrew Filter bags and Teaware. (Sold separately)