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Green - Lucky Dragon Hyson

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The word Hyson translates to "Flourishing Spring" and this particular varietal imparts the fresh green character you would expect to be a part of any springtime tea experience.

The term 'young' was added to the nomenclature to distinguish that the tea was made from young leaves (new shoots) and therefore better quality and better tasting.

Lucky Dragon is from a specific factory that further identified their tea because even though produced in the young hyson style it is much better than typical young hyson. 

Lucky Dragon Hyson is a tea to remember. It is a very light liquoring with exquisite fresh green tea character.  The leaves virtually return to life in the cup.

Blends: Green tea

How to steep: 1 heaping teaspoon Lucky Dragon Hyson, 8 oz water, 85 C/185 F, 3-5mins

VaniTEA Blends' suggestions: Mesh Balls, TeaBrew Filter bags and Teaware. (Sold separately)