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Green - Jasmine with flowers

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Jasmine tea is one of the most pleasant tasting green teas available on the market. On the nose, the dry tea has a floral bouquet, which literally causes your senses to come alive with pleasant thoughts. The flavor is enhanced with the addition of jasmine blossoms which give the tea a visual appeal few other teas are capable of copying.

The production of jasmine tea is quite interesting. It is important to begin with high quality green tea. Equally important for jasmine tea are fine jasmine blossoms, picked at a specific time of the year, that give the most intense aroma. 

Produced in both China and Taiwan, jasmine tea yields a cup with all the concentrated heady bouquet of a garden in bloom.

Blends: Green tea, Jasmine flowers.

How to steep: 1 Heaping teaspoon of Jasmine with Flowers, 8 oz Water, 85 C/185 F, 3-5mins

VaniTEA Blends' suggestions: Mesh Balls, TeaBrew Filter bags and Teaware. (Sold separately)