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Take 2 - The Big Green Event

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If there's one thing I learned in health care (applies to any scientific subject really), if you try the same method repeatedly without success then how can you expect a different result? In the past, this was most relevant to me for airway management which has absolutely nothing to do with tea, but the learning point is still relevant.

What did we change?

A little negative space never hurt anyone. Busy displays make for a distracting table. Pulls the customer's focus to...well...nowhere. For this event, we wanted our almost complete rainbow of coloured teapots to be eye candy.

They were quite the conversation starter. To the point where we sold out of certain colours, and people asked for more variety.

Not to mention, I had the luxury of seeing everyone from behind the table. No tall racks to block my view. That was such a relief. It's like attending a wedding and being seated at a round table with guests you want to talk to, but there's a tall floral centrepiece blocking the conversation.

That said it wasn't perfect. Our travel infusers had no place of their own. Everyone's eyes made an excursion around them in fact. Have no fear though, I solved that problem by market #3. Stay tuned for a follow up article on "Browsers vs Buyers".

Location, location, location

I will hand it to the organizer who emphasized that her focus is on the vendors vs. staged extras. Although we were inside the mall, as a part of a bigger idea centred around the theme of Earth day (or week), there was no competing internal event.

It was our luck that this was the first time we worked with her and we benefitted from being on the upper level of the Erin Mills Town Centre and right outside the food court. Can't ask for better foot traffic than that on a bright and shiny Sunday afternoon. And shine we did. If you search for images of this mall, you will immediately notice the dramatic visual element that is the central glass dome. On a sunny spring day, our display was illuminated for the entire duration of the market.

With such a clear line of sight I saw customers make a beeline for our teapots (or at least do a double take) and I knew we made the right decision changing elements to fine tune the focus.

Seeing is believing

The mysterious boxes that make up our Metz collection hide the intentionally designed pyramid tea bags. If the customer cannot visualize what's so different within the sachet, then how can I explain to them the reasoning behind the concept. If only we could suspend an unused tea bag at the front of the table for an easy point of reference. 

pyramid shaped tea bag


Ask...and you shall receive. To complement our stands, Christian thought why not continue that trend and suspend one of our Metz tea bags from a thin piece of wood. This helped tremendously for my show and tell segment of pitching our prepackaged tea items. A future idea will involve the sense of smell as well as sight. Our hope is to reimplement our loose teas and allow interested parties to indulge in their aromas.

What did we bring to the table?

After all, this was called the Big Green Event. It would be remiss of us to not support the theme. Here are a few of the items that fit the bill.

  1. Travel infusers - Multipurpose, stainless steel, insulated, reusable vessels that can be used for tea, coffee, fruit infusions and can reduce the need for plastic water bottles since they can be utilized without the infusers while still ensuring a tight seal.
  2. PLA based teabags - a starch based bioplastic (biodegradable under certain environmental conditions). No pesky glue, staples, micro or nanoplastics that stay behind after the tea is long gone.
  3. Stainless steel mesh infusers can be used for single servings repeatedly without worrying about rust or tainting the taste of the tea.
  4. Tea Brew filters (for those who don't have mesh infusers) that are made of unbleached paper and 100% biodegradable.
  5. Ceramic, porcelain and glass teapots - reusable forever, as long as you don't break them.

All in all, we couldn't ask for a better outcome. With room for improvement, I shall take my friendly chatting skills and customer service to the next event.


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